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Welcome to My Indian kitchen / Moje indickakuchyne. The aim of this website is to Mix some spices to the life. This web contains the recipes of indian food with step by step explanation and pictures.

As every body know Indian Cuisine is a quite dominating and popular for vegetarian dishes but still it does have a lot non-vegetarian dishes which is cooked in authentic and delicious recipes. Let me

I am Aditya Bhagat and quite often called as Adi or Ady, a native Indian, live in Prague which is heart of Czech Republic. I am writer and photographer of this website. I started thinking of blogging from September 2012. This blogging came in my mind as with some twist and tragedy. In September 2012 I broke my ankle and due to that I was at home for 5 months. It was the time which gave me idea to start blogging and some how I had time because I was not going to work.


I studied Hotel Management and I am working in hospitality industry from last 9 years. To be very honest, In my 9 years of experience I never worked as a professional chef because I am not from cooking background 😉 but I love cooking and playing with ingredients and really love to create some new dishes:-) .I started cooking in my life when I was 14 years old when I was studying and living with my friends in Delhi. I was away from my family and from there  my cooking journey started. Before that time I use to spent some time with mother to get familiar with some spices, cooking methods taste and tradition of dishes.

I really thankful to my some friends like Libor Sigmund and Jana Zavodna to help to create this website and really special thanks to my Jane and my partner who is always with me like shadow and helping me to translate the recipe in Czech language with her best creative ideas

If you have any queries or suggestions – Please contact with us by email, to me at ady@mojeindickakuchyne.cz or adi@mojeindickakuchyne.cz

or directly on contact from.

And please feel free to give me your feedback or suggestions about blog or recipe. I will surely respond to your mails as soon as possible.

Thank you with lots of warm regards


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